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Tanzania is a very safe, secure and tourist friendly country. Tanzania has enjoyed a remarkable period of stability and growth since independence back in 1961 and is one of the safest countries in Africa.

Tanzania has more than 132 distinct tribes that have lived in harmony for centuries. Tanzania has a founding philosophy from its first President, Julius Nyerere (a man who Nelson Mandela called his mentor and inspiration), which emphasized tolerance and the idea of a nation coming before any sense of tribal loyalty. His belief that “we are Tanzanians first and foremost”, helped to create and encourage a national character of tribal, racial and religious tolerance. Tanzanians are very proud that they have never had a civil war and as they watch what happens in neighboring countries (Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and now Kenya), they are even more committed to the ideas of tolerance and peace. Nyerere insisted on a national language (Swahili) and insisted that the ruling power never show preference for their own tribal history. Power is shared most equitably in Tanzania and no one tribe is favored or has the majority of power.

There are currently no travel warnings issued on Tanzania by the U.S. State Department. Kenya currently has a travel warning issued and those travelers seeking to add a safari extension to Kenya are advised to read the warning at Travel Warnings are issued when the State Department recommends that Americans avoid travel to a certain country.

Though the risk of crime is minimal in Tanzania, some common sense precautions are recommended:

  • Leave your expensive jewelry and watches at home
  • Keep all your valuables (passport, wallet, etc.) in a money belt that you can hide under your clothes
  • Make copies of all documentation (passport, air itinerary, travelers checks etc.) and keep segregated from the originals
  • Carry a few dollars for spending money in an accessible pocket rather than accessing your money belt when shopping
  • The majority of the costs on safari are included in your package. See your inclusions and exclusions section

To be 100% safe, carry your wallet, money, traveler checks, etc. with you at all times. Do not leave these items in your room while out on game drives, eating at the lodge, etc.

Please be aware of your surroundings at all times. When on your safari, you will be in a new, unfamiliar and exciting place. You will likely be distracted, enthusiastic or tired enough to make mistakes and forget the little hazards around you. For example, watch your step when walking and avoid brushing up against thorny bushes and trees. Additionally, watch your fingers when the vehicle doors are being closed. Please be especially cautious when standing up game viewing in the open top vehicles. It is always dangerous to stand up in the vehicle while driving – please watch out for branches and other potential hazards. And don’t assume any of the animals are tame.

Wild Animals

Please be aware that our safaris may take you into close contact with wild animals. Attacks by wild animals are rare, but no safari into the African wilderness can guarantee that this will not occur. Please note that many safari lodges and camps are not fenced and that wildlife does move freely in and around these areas. Always follow the safety instructions from the lodge or camp's staff with regards to moving to and from your tent and while on game activities throughout your safari.

Please be especially cautious and informed when staying at a private camp or the smaller tented lodges. Please make sure that if you have small children with you, to not let them out of your sight or wander alone. There will be a security briefing at most tented lodges upon arrival but do not hesitate to voice your concerns to the staff or your guide. Many of the smaller tented lodges will escort you to and from your tent for dinner. Under no circumstances should you move to and from your tent/room during the night without being escorted. When staying at a private camp, you must not wander out of the campsite and you must always be escorted to and from your tent.