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Satellite And Cell Phones

ADS Company Cell Phone: Our number one priority at Africa Dream Safaris is for you to have a safe and enjoyable safari. If any problem arises while you are on safari we are here to provide you with immediate support and assistance. It might sound obvious, but before we can help you with any problem we need to know about it! To facilitate this communication we are lending you one of our ADS company cell phones. Please don't hesitate to use this phone to contact our staff in Arusha (you will be provided with contact numbers a couple weeks prior to your departure) if you encounter a problem while on safari such as with your accommodations, driver-guide, vehicle or need special assistance during your safari. The vast majority of any problems encountered while on safari can usually be fixed promptly with a simple phone call to any of our staff in Arusha.

Your cell phone is preloaded with approximately $10 to $20 in talk time, which is an ample amount of credit to call and receive several calls within Tanzania. You may also use the provided cell phone to make international calls to family and friends at home. Cost for outgoing international calls range from $2 to $4 per minute while incoming calls are free. Your driver-guide can assist you in purchasing additional talk time minutes as needed, which are sold at various locations throughout Tanzania including some lodges, ranger stations and visitor centers.

Some areas of the Serengeti do not have cell phone coverage including some areas of the North and West Serengeti. If you encounter problems with your cell phone or there is no cell phone coverage and you need to call one of our staff in Arusha for assistance, please feel free to use the lodge or camp phone instead and we will reimburse you for any associated costs. All lodges and camps (even the semi-permanent and mobile camps) have a phone at the main lodge that can be used by guests to call one of our staff in Arusha for assistance if your ADS cell phone is not working.

The core values of Africa Dream Safaris include uncompromising goals for exceptional customer service, ensuring our clients have an extraordinary safari experience, and most importantly, keeping our clients and employees safe. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there is something we can do to make your safari experience more enjoyable, and it is absolutely critical that we are immediately advised of any problems with your safari so that we have the opportunity to rectify them before you return back to Arusha. We strive to conclude each guest's safari experience with 100% customer satisfaction. This starts with you!

Will my cell phone work in Tanzania? Guests need to check directly with their cell phone service provider to see if their personal cell phones will work in Tanzania. The ability to use a personal cell phone is a direct function of what coverage each guest's personal cell phone company can provide, and may also be influenced by the specific phone device. It's important to check before trying to use one's personal US cell phone in Tanzania because even though it may "work", one wouldn't want to be surprised later with some nasty roaming fees or other expensive international charges. As part of our standard procedure (as described previously), we lend all our clients a "local" Tanzanian company cell phone during their time in Tanzania so they have a way to contact our staff in the event of an emergency. However, keep in mind that coverage in some parts of the North and West Serengeti is sporadic. For guests needing more reliable service to make frequent business calls, as an example, we recommend renting a satellite phone (see below).

For those individuals that require the regular use of a phone while in Africa for business or other purposes, you may wish to either rent a satellite phone in the U.S. before departure or purchase a cell phone in Tanzania. An iridium satellite phone can be rented in the U.S. before your departure that you can use anywhere in Africa as long as you have a direct line of sight to the sky. A recommended satellite phone rental company is Mobal Rental will mail you the satellite phone and all equipment (charger, batteries, plug adapter, instruction book, etc.) a few days prior to your departure and will include a return envelope for use when you return.