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Africa Dream Safaris maintains a fleet of specially outfitted 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Cruisers providing for maximum flexibility, adventure, and wildlife viewing. Our spacious Stretched Land Cruisers are the most ideal safari vehicle and come equipped with a total of nine seats with seven of those seats in the back under the canvas top. All vehicles have a canvas convertible top, which can be rolled completely back so that you may view scenery and wildlife, unhindered by obstructions, while standing from any of the seats. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom you get when exploring the secluded wilderness, surrounded by expansive views of vast horizons, underneath the unobstructed dome of a brilliant blue sky.

We strongly believe that a convertible canvas top provides the best possible game viewing experience and is much more enjoyable than game viewing in a vehicle with a ‘pop up top’. Pop up tops tend to inhibit your freedom and obstruct your views, especially with regards to some of the more spectacular sightings whether it be a leopard in a tree or a pride of lions resting on top of a kopje. Roof hatches also impede your comfort when game viewing as the narrow hatch restricts your movement. In contrast to these less favorable options, our canvas convertible tops allow you to view wildlife with the fewest imposed constraints and in the most open and raw format possible. Some additional reasons why we do NOT employ ‘pop up tops’ are noted below:

  • Pop up tops cannot be safely kept up while traveling. They have a tendency to fall down when traveling and can cause injury.

  • Pop up tops obstruct viewing in the vehicle because it narrows the opening through which people can stand up and view something interesting.

  • Pop up tops do not allow for padding to be added around the opening, making it more difficult for photography.

Please note that our convertible canvas tops do have one significant disadvantage in that you will be completely exposed when game viewing. Accordingly, it is critical that you wear a hat and apply sun block frequently to all exposed areas. You may roll back the canvas top half way in order to provide shade for the first set of seats and sun for the back seats. Please do not hesitate to ask your driver guide to roll the top back up partially if you require less sun.

Every vehicle is equipped with a long distance radio. These radios are used for communication between your vehicle and other driver-guides for game reports, as well as communication with our main operational office in Arusha. If there is any problem on safari, your driver-guide can immediately handle the situation as he is trained and has the expertise. He also can use his long distance radio to communicate with our operational office in Arusha or any ranger station for additional support.

Flat tires are fairly common when game driving the rough tracks in the national parks. Tire changes are handled quickly by your driver-guide with little inconvenience. Vehicle break-downs are extremely rare as our vehicles are rigorously maintained. However, in the unusual event of a vehicle breakdown, a replacement vehicle would be immediately sent and would likely arrive within 2 - 4 hours as support vehicles are always on stand by. With our excellent contingency planning and communication systems you’ll never have to worry about being stranded (or even significantly inconvenienced) while on safari.

It may be difficult to hear your guide from the 3rd row of seats in the back of your safari vehicle. This is especially true for a group of 6 persons. Please note that additional vehicles may be booked at additional cost which would allow for fewer guests in each vehicle.

* Please note that our vehicles are NOT equipped with air conditioning. Additionally, the vast majority of lodges and camps do not have air conditioning. Many lodges and camps however do have fans in the rooms.