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International Flights

A passport and visa are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda. Please note that your passport should be valid for at least six months past your arrival date. There are no vaccination requirements for U.S. citizens either traveling to or returning from Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda. All vaccinations are completely voluntary (please see the below health section for more information). A yellow fever vaccination or certificate is ¬not required for entry and has not been required since the regulation was removed in the mid 1990s. There has always been a great deal of confusion about whether or not a certificate of yellow fever vaccination is required as most published information and web sites have not been updated. In conclusion, there are no formal requirements for entry into Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda other then a valid passport and visa, which may be obtained upon or prior to arrival. Please see the below discussion for more information on visas.

Tanzania Visas

Africa Dream Safaris is proud to offer VIP Tanzania visa service to all of our clients. All Tanzania visa fees are included in the price of our safaris and your Tanzania visa will be issued immediately upon arrival at either Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam International Airports. Our dedicated visa specialist will meet you in the customs area upon arrival. He will have your name posted on a sign and will stamp your passport with your Tanzania Visa enabling you to avoid the long lines and confusion at customs. Each person will simply need to provide a valid passport and we will take care of everything else. After your visa is issued, you will be escorted outside of customs and immediately transferred to your hotel.

Kenya Visas

Kenya visas may or may not be included in your safari price depending upon your safari itinerary. Besides our main Africa Dream Safaris office in Arusha, we have a satellite office in Nairobi to facilitate obtaining your Kenya visas with a similar process as our Tanzania VIP visa service described above. If you will be arriving into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) and will be leaving the airport for a layover, we can include Kenya visas in your safari price and obtain them for you upon arrival. Alternatively, you may obtain your Kenya visa directly at the airport upon arrival by filling out a short form and paying US $50 per person. Lastly, you may obtain your Kenya visas prior to your departure by mailing your passport and required information to the Kenya Embassy in Washington D.C. (see discussion below).

For those individuals including a Masai Mara safari extension, you are required to obtain your Kenya visa prior to departure by mailing your passport and required information to the Kenya Embassy. The Masai Mara extension routes through Nairobi Wilson Airport and it is difficult to obtain your Kenya visa upon arrival at this specific Nairobi airport. Please contact us for instructions on how to obtain your Kenya visa prior to departure.

Uganda Visas

Those individuals traveling to Uganda on a gorilla and/or chimpanzee safari extension will be required to pay for Uganda visas upon arrival. Uganda visas cost $30 per person (US dollars) and are easily obtained upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport by filling out a simple and short customs card. As soon as you walk into the customs hall, there will be several desks with blank registration cards. Simply fill out the card with your personal details (address, passport number, date of birth, etc.) and proceed to the kiosks to submit the $30 per person visa fee.