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I would highly recommend ADS. I've written a very favorable blog with pictures for their website. They were so helpful with the planning and execution of the trip. I can speak more highly of them

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"Trip of a lifetime.."

From the minute we were greeted at the Kilimanjaro airport by African Dream Safari we were 100 percent taken care of. Our driver, Wilfred, was amazing! The camps / lodging, food and staff was top notch! Not only the animals we saw, but also the culture we experienced was unbelievable. We would recommend African Dream Safari to all.

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"Trip of a life time"

I have been back from a Trip of a life time and I can now cross off two things off of my bucket list: A African photo safari and a hot air balloon ride.
We saw so much in a short time. I was lucky enough to go with my dad, step mom and my step aunt (they had gone on their first safari three years ago). We saw Lions, 2 leopards together which we were told was rear, lots of olive baboons, black-backed jackals, spotted hyenas and babies, banded mongoose, and vervet monkeys with babies. We also saw rock Hyrax and a Aardvark hole, hippos and crocs and a Caracal, two Rhinos a mother and its baby and lots of birds also we saw a lesser Kudu ! All I can say is WOW! One of the funniest things that happened, we were watching two Ostrich and I asked Russle our guide how fast Ostrich run? I had no sooner got the words out of my mouth when the male Ostrich ran right past us, as if saying here I will show you just how fast! We just busted out laughing. We also did a hot air balloon ride which was on my bucket list. At first I was the only one that wanted to do it and then they decided to join me which I was happy about! We loved it! Later, after breakfast we saw not one but two crossings and they all made it. There is nothing like witnessing a crossing in person ( the smell and sound of the wildebeest). One of the other things we did do was visit Oldupai Gorge! It was Amazing! The whole trip was amazing from the animals, guide, food and where we stayed and ate! So thank you ADS, Dawn, Russle and my family for the trip of a life time! here are some pictures I wanted to share! Kristin Thomas White,GA 8/05/2017-8/13/2017

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