September - Dry Season

September is situated towards the end of the dry season and offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities out of the entire year. Resident animals become concentrated around the remaining sources of water making many species easy to spot, especially the big cats. The Great Migration will be surging through the pristine Northern Serengeti, which is an inherently beautiful area. This is also the time of the famous river crossings along the Mara River. September is highly recommended!

Wildlife Highlights - SepThe weather in September is dry and sunny. The landscape is parched as the dry season has completely taken hold. The long grasses have died back, which makes game viewing easier and many of the animals congregate in the woodlands and around the remaining sources of water.

Temperatures are pleasant with an average high of 81 degrees and an average low of 55 degrees. However, the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater can get quite cold at night and in the early morning. Visitor numbers increase dramatically over July and they peak in August. Visitor numbers are at their highest in August but drop off dramatically in mid to late September. The good news is that the vast majority of people are on package tours staying at the main lodges and zipping around the main roads in only a few popular areas. With careful planning we can customize your safari so you will encounter more lions than people in even the busiest months.

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